Building Secure Software

Secure Software Concepts


The goal of the Security Software Concepts module is to provide the learner with concepts related to the core software security requirements and foundational design principles as they relate to issues of privacy, governance, risk and compliance. Learners will understand the software methodologies needed in order to develop software that is secure and resilient to attacks.

After completing this domain, participants will be able to:
1. Define the concepts of secure software and how it applies to the design.
2. Identify and apply information system security concepts to the development of software.
3. Identify design aspects needed in order to develop hack-resilient software.
4. Describe the regulatory, privacy, compliance, risk, and governance requirements for software development, and the effects of noncompliance.
5. Describe development methodologies for the development of software.

Course Outline

  • Concepts of secure software
  • Security design
  • Privacy
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Methodologies of software development
  • Domain 1 Practice Questions

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