OWASP Top 10

Course Learning Objectives

  • Discover the top 10 most important web application vulnerabilities in the OWASP 2017 list.
  • Identify each vulnerability, why it happens from a business risk perspective, how hackers exploit it, and how best to defend against these issues.
  • Comply with PCI-DSS 6.5 which requires developers to get trained on web application security education.


Students will learn the Top 10 threats as part of the OWASP Top 10 2017. This language agnostic course dives into concepts for web application threats, vulnerabilities and strategies to defend them. The OWASP top 10 list is an industry recognized list of vulnerabilities as dictated by the community, most recently in 2017.

The course engages students in learning about each of the Top 10 items, providing easy to understand business risks, concepts, news articles demonstrating how vulnerabilities have impacted organizations and best practices to defending against each of them.


General staff / Developers / Infosec Practitioners

Time Required

Tailored learning - 120 minutes total

SEC101S - OWASP Top 10

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