PCI-DSS Compliance

Course Learning Objectives

Define the terminology specific to PCI-DSS, describe the entities that must comply with PCI-DSS, and state the 12 requirements of PCI-DSS. How to protect data and prevent vulnerabilities from becoming a problem for you. How to protect cardholder data in storage and in transit, enforce strong access control measures, and create an information security policy for your organization. Describe the guidelines and best practices for building and maintaining secure networks and systems. Develop a program that identifies and manages vulnerabilities using industry standards.



This course is designed to provide PCI-DSS awareness training to individuals with PCI-DSS compliance responsibilities. In this course, you will gain fundamental knowledge of PCI to develop effective security responsibilities, safeguards, and processes.


General Staff/Developers

Time Required

Tailored learning – 40 minutes total


PCI101S - PCI-DSS Compliance

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