Operational Security

OpSec Fundamentals

Course Learning Objectives

This course provides a fundamental understanding of Operations Security, or OpSec. OpSec covers the side of a software company that doesn’t spend their time writing code, but ensuring the security and stability of the systems the organization relies on. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to discuss how to harden and configure your software and environments, manage access control and identity management, describe the role of a Security Operations Center, develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan, and develop a process for backing up and disposing of software in your organization.



This course covers the fundamental concepts of Operations Security in terms of installation and deployment, access control and identity management, the Security Operations Center, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and enterprise data backup and disposal.


Ops Engineers, Sys Admins

Time Required

Tailored learning – 60 minutes total


OPS101S - OpSec Fundamentals

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