Defending Swift for iOS

Course Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to store data securely on your device as well as avoid disclosing any sensitive information
  • Learn how to encrypt your connections and deal with dodgy certificate authorities
  • Utilize secure techniques to prevent accidental data leaks from your device
  • Define how injection attacks can penetrate your Swift application
  • Recognize how to prevent session hijackings by utilizing proper session management
  • Apply secure techniques when handling requests


This course aims to teach you about common vulnerabilities affecting your Swift iOS applications. We’ll cover a variety of techniques for securing your application against theses vulnerabilities. You’ll also learn to identify and write secure Swift code, differentiate between secure and insecure coding methods, and understand the various factors that come together to help you defend your Swift iOS applications from attacks.


iOS application developers

Time Required

Tailored learning - 40 minutes total

IOS301 - Defending Swift for iOS

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