GDPR for Developers

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the background of GDPR and define the stages of the data life cycle.
  • Find out how to collect personal data lawfully and give users access to that data.
  • Discover how to keep collected data accurate, how to avoid profiling, and how to transfer personal data.
  • Explore techniques for storing and removing personal data, and documenting activities performed on that data.


We know that developers would rather spend their time coding than worrying about if their application is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We created this course to be focused on development and practical to developers so that they could get the essentials of meeting GDPR requirements without learning everything about it. Who has time for that?


Software developers, Software architects

Time Required

Tailored learning - 45 minutes total

GDPR101S - GDPR for Developers

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