General Awareness

DevSecOps for Managers

Course Learning Objectives

  • Discover how DevOps emerged and how it’s continually growing.
  • Recognize some of the challenges companies are likely to face when transitioning to DevOps.
  • Learn how to create a DevSecOps strategy.
  • Identify the initiatives involved in implementing the DevSecOps strategy.
  • Classify which metrics and tools will aid you in transitioning to DevSecOps.
  • Identify steps involved in integrating both the Development and Operations sides of DevSecOps.


This course is aimed at non-practitioners. Its purpose is to help managers and non-technical professionals understand what DevSecOps is. In this course, we’ll introduce and discuss DevOps before exploring how security fits into the picture. We’ll examine the benefits of a DevOps model, the difficulties in transitioning to it, and how to achieve DevSecOps.


Technology Managers

Time Required

Tailored learning - 30 minutes total

Course Outline

  1. What is DevSecOps?
    • DevOps data
    • What is DevOps?
    • Where did DevOps come from?
    • The shift to automation
    • How methodologies changed
    • Industry shifts bring new competition
    • Unique implementations
    • The challenges of implementing DevOps
    • Lack of understanding
    • Transition length
    • Risk tolerance
    • Security
  2. How security fits into DevOps?
    • How does security fit in?
    • Security strategy
    • Define your organization and its goals
    • Define your key metrics
    • Choose your security tools
    • Implementing the strategy
    • Implementing the strategy (Dev side)
    • Implementing the strategy (Ops side)
    • Measure success

DVP101S - DevSecOps for Managers

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