Advanced Security

Defending JSP

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify common vulnerabilities found in JavaServer Pages. Describe defensive coding practices and controls. Implement programming safeguards using defensive coding techniques.
  • Decide which method to use either declarative and or programmatic security.
  • Discover how to build software with security mechanisms in place.


Learn how to defend your Java web apps against attacks. Using code samples from JavaServer Pages, this course covers a variety of techniques for securing against such vulnerabilities as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting/Request Forgery, Man-in-the-middle attacks and more.


Java developers / Security Architect

Time Required

Tailored learning - 90 minutes total

Course Outline

  1. Authentication and Session Management
  2. Access Control and Authorization
  3. Application Security Services
  4. Injection Attacks
  5. Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
  6. CSRF and Clickjacking Attacks

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