Secure Software Design

Course Learning Objectives

  • Explain reasons for including security in the design of software.
  • Define secure design principles and how they are incorporated into the software design.
  • Describe the software design process.
  • Identify software security design considerations required for the development of secure software.
  • Compare and contrast the architectures that exist for secure software design
  • Describe the technologies and computing environments and their impact on design decisions regarding security.


The design phase of software development is one of the most important phases in the Software Development Life Cycle. The Security Software Design domain will provide the learner with an understanding on how to ensure that software security requirements are included in the design of the software. Learners will gain knowledge of secure design principles and processes, and be exposed to different architectures and technologies for securing software.


Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)

Time Required

Tailored learning - 80 minutes total

CSP103S - Secure Software Design

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