Secure Coding

Defending Angular

Course Learning Objectives

This course has three areas of focus for software developers. The first identifies security-related

differences in Angular, and how to handle authentication, authorization, and OAuth 2.0.

The second area explains how to mitigate common injection vulnerabilities, configure and enforce

browser-based defenses, and implement best practices for deploying HTTPS.

Finally, the third part focuses on secure authentication using forms or OIDC, propagating authorization

states, and avoiding common pitfalls.


Defending Angular is divided into three parts. Part one helps software developers investigate how

the Angular development paradigm impacts security. Part two explores a set of best practices for

building, deploying, and maintaining Angular applications. And Part 3 investigates how to implement

authentication and authorization in Angular applications.


Angular Developers

Time Required

Tailored learning – 120 minutes total

ANG101 - Defending Angular

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